A Little About Lance

I grew up in a small, rural community in eastern Washington on a “farm” of sorts, where I learned how to raise pigs, chickens, cattle and more. But that wasn’t the only thing I learned in my small town. I learned about friendship, love, respect, persistence and kindness–from my classmates (all 18 of them) and my family. But I didn’t stay there forever. I grew up (again), and went on to college just about an hour away from my home. It felt like the “big city” to me. I thought I knew everything–or was going to–in the marbled halls of higher education. But it was the friends I made and the colleagues I worked with that turned theory into practice…dreams into reality. From there, I took a leap to Portland, Oregon, for a “three-year sabbatical.” Now I’m back in Spokane, WA, working in the financial services sector, but still focusing on marketing and communications. I work hard and I play harder. My friends are close and I cherish them greatly…no matter the physical distance between us. I’m just as passionate and entrepreneurial as ever. Every journey begins with a step. And every journey has a story to share.


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