NYE Kiss

I’ve never had a New Year’s Eve kiss*.

*while in a relationship 

It’s true. Every year, on December 31st, I’ve been deprived of the meaningful smack on the lips when the clock strikes midnight, the ball drops in Times Square, and Dick Clark announces another 365 days. Yes, I’ve been the recipient of a pucker or two, but not one that meant anything more than that really.

I’ve gotten close…with a relationship ending just a few weeks before NYE. Then again, we were seeing each other long distance at the time, and there hadn’t been plans to spend NYE together. Another time, I had just started hanging out with someone…but let’s just say that the level of chemistry that night wasn’t aligned with that of the firework display in the distance.

Sure, I’ve been out to the bars and attended parties, and may have received a ceremonial smack on the lips here and there…but never one that did more than fulfill an annual tradition.

This year? It’ll be no different.

Next year? Well, according to one of my friends (who I’m still quoting), I’m writing 2011 off as a “ramping up” year…with hopes that 2012 will ring in something more meaningful. And that’s something I can toast to at the closing of 2011.

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2 Responses to NYE Kiss

  1. Bryce Hughes says:

    Have you finished your Dating for Dummies book yet? Perhaps you just haven’t studied up enough on the subject. 😉

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