10 Signs He’s “Just Not That Into You”

We’ve all been there: a guy who you’re talking to or dating seems aloof. And you’re not certain what to do. Well, here’s my piece of advice: stop pursuing him. But how do you know if you should put on the brakes and exit the L-train? Here are ten signs that say, “Drop that d-bag faster than the a pair of kid’s shorts at Michael Jackson’s house.”

  1. He doesn’t return your texts, phone calls, emails, Facebook messages/wall posts/pokes, Tweets, or dating site/app messages.
  2. When you approach him about hanging out, he claims to be too busy and yet you always see him online or posting on his Facebook, “So bored…anyone wanna hang out?”
  3. Alternatively, when approaching him to hang out, he says he’s busy but doesn’t offer another option in the future that works with his allegedly busy schedule.
  4. Or better yet, when you ask him to hang out, he replies with, “I don’t make plans. That way if I cancel, I’m not breaking them.” Bullshit.
  5. He’s unfriended you on Facebook.
  6. His “room mate” is actually his boyfriend.
  7. He actually has a girlfriend.
  8. If he does respond to your queries, it’s with one-word answers.
  9. He’s hooking up with someone else you know.
  10. He states he’s just “looking for friends,” “someone to hang out with,” or “just can’t be in a relationship right now” before or after he gets you into bed.
  11. *BONUS*: He changes his word choice from “sexy,” “stud,” and “handsome” to “buddy” or “pal” when referring to you.
  12. *BONUS*: He’s blocked you on a popular dating site/application.

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Lance Kissler Lance’s specific field of expertise includes online marketing and communications, branding, health and crisis communications
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