Eat. Drink. Boat. Repeat.

I love going to Lake Roosevelt. Spending time and relaxing with my friends while enjoying the great outdoors is my idea of a wonderful weekend break from a busy work week. Every year, I make it a point to join Matt and Brandi (and now Hailey and Kolbie), David and Sheryl, and whomever else decides to partake in the adventures of boating on one of Washington’s greatest lakes.

The weekend is usually filled with tubing, water skiing (attempting to, for me), jet skiing (my personal favorite), and whatever other excitement we can muster up. And believe me, we’ve gotten pretty creative.

Most of the time is spent eating–as every camping trip has this as an integral component. Then there’s the beer, creative alcohol concoctions and well, more eating.

All of this happens with views such as these to inspire us:






What’s probably the most interesting thing about this trip is that Brandi decided she needed to bring her work with her. Every year, I’ve brought my thesis work with me, but not this year–it’s finally done. But Brandi’s take on work is a little different…she decided to build us some steps, as pictured below:


I can’t guarantee that this project meets code nor even attempts to achieve LEED certification. But, it does use all locally sourced materials. And, unlike some construction projects I’ve seen, is quite practical. Nice work, Brandi.

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