The Case for Facebook Roommate Connections

After much deliberation (well, maybe a few minutes in the car after this topic was broached by my friend Nate Martin), I opted not to go for “Dandruff: A 20-Something Epidemic“…at least, not yet. I feel like that topic will need more research, including some interviews with some friends…anyone up for that? (Anonymously of course.)

Instead, I’m going to make the case for tagging who you are currently living with (“roommate”) in your Facebook profile. We all know that we can tag our boyfriends/girlfriends/partners/etc., as well as our family members (and depending on where you live, those could be the same). And Facebook recently released the ability for people to identify more complex relationships, such as domestic partners and civil unions. Well, I say it’s time to go back to the basics: where Facebook first originated…it’s genesis: stalking that person you’re interested in.

And tell me that there’s no better way to stalk someone than by getting to know his/her roommate. Here are a couple of situations where being able to “connect” on Facebook with the roommate of the person of interest could be beneficial. It’s so much better than rating pictures of who’s hot and who’s not. (I mean really, who really does go to these days?

Situation 1: Where do we stand?
Let’s say you’ve gone on a few dates with someone and you are trying to read the temperature of your relationship…for what it may or may not be. And that there is the question: are we in a relationship? Does this person like me? Well who else would be better to go to than the person’s roommate. I mean, roommates tend to share lots of personal information with one another. I’m sure the bunnies in the Playboy Mansion discuss how the theory of quantum physics affect the sheen of their hair all the time. Simply log onto Facebook, check the person’s profile and click on who their roommate is. Voila! Access to a wealth of information…provided he/she divulges it to you.

Situation 2: Communication breakdown.
Ever been in a relationship where the other person either fails at communicating his/her feelings or just won’t hear you out? Enter the roommate. This person can be a valuable asset. Leverage this resource to deliver your message via a trusted channel. It’s like plugging directly into the Interwebz from Al Gore’s house: direct access.

Situation 3: Ring-around-the-rosie.
You go to a social function where the person of interest and his/her roommate both attend. Let’s just say your flirting and/or social skills suck, and you don’t have the gumption to ask the person out. But, you get to know the roommate instead. Instead of going home and “poking” the hottie on Facebook, you can instead weasel, I mean work, your way into that person’s social network by connecting with the roommate first. This approach is much more subtle than the instant friend request and barraging of status update likes.

Situation 4: Bait and switch.
Simply stated: you go on a date with the one person, meet the roommate, and decide that he/she is your catch-of-the-week.

So there you have it. Four solid cases why we should be able to tag someone on Facebook as our co-habitant.

While I’m working on the dandruff blog post, I’d like to request some content from all of you for an in-between blog post (what us fancy people like to call “interim”). Your assignment: go to a Chinese food restaurant at least one during the next week and either 1) comment on this post/write on my Facebook wall what the fortune cookie says, or 2) take a photo of it and post it to my Facebook wall. I will review each and every submission to determine whether they are indeed a fortune cookie or a statement cookie. Just to get you started, here are two examples to consider:
Fortune: Soon, someone will make you very proud.
Statement: Learn to enjoy every minute of your life.

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